Watch this webinar to learn more about the Oola and Young Living collaboration an how to use the INFUSED 7 oils as you work towards living the life you dream of and deserve, your OolaLife.

You can now shop all the Oola and Young Living Co-Branded Products:

1. The Oola BOOK

Oola Hardcover Book

Oola is not your typical self-help book. Oola is a "state of awesomeness," it's when your life is balanced and growing in the 7 key areas of life (Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, Faith, Friends, and Fun). Oola reads more like a collection of kick-butt anecdotes and sincere stories that just happen to have meaningful messages. Co-authors Dave Braun (The OolaSeeker) and Troy Amdahl (The OolaGuru) have been there and done that. Kurt Warner, NFL MVP, wrote the foreword. "What I have been seeking, and what I believe everyone is seeking ... is an OolaLife." Mark Victor Hansen (the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" co-author) says, "Oola is happy inspiration!" Oola has received glowing reviews from top authors, pro athletes, musicians, industry leaders, and Olympians.

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Oola Audiobook (4 CD Set)
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Oola eBook (Kindle Version)
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2. Oola University - Young Living Edition

Oola University 7 Week Curriculum - Young Living Edition

Taking Oola deeper. Whether used as a home study, a formal curriculum, or part of an informal group study, this 7 week class includes everything required to get your #OolaLife.

Live Oola. Share Oola.


Oola Book

Oola eBook

Oola Workbook - Young Living Edition

7 DVD Set

   - DVD 1: Intro to Oola

   - DVD 2: OolaWheel

   - DVD 3: OolaPlan

   - DVD 4: The Valve and Hub

   - DVD 5: Oolablockers

   - DVD 6: OolaAccelerators

    - DVD 7: OolaPath and your OolaOne

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3. Oola quick start - young living edition

Oola Quick Start Kit - Young Living Edition

Awesome Begins Here.

This box contains all the tools you need to get started on the life you dream of and deserve… your OolaLife. Just add the hustle.


Oola Book

Oola eBook

Introductory DVD

Set of 7 Oola Affirmation Bands

21 Oola Sticker Set

Oola Dream Board

Pack of OolaPath Action Cards

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Oola & Young Living Co-Branded Hat (7 Colors)

We now have your favorite Oola gear with an essential addition, some Young Living branding. This is for all of you working towards balancing and growing your life, and your Young Living business.

We are heading to the (___________) for the weekend! If you fill in the blank with the words ocean or lake cabin, then you need to take along the OolaGuru's favorite travel accessory....the instantly comfortable (adjustable) Oola cap.

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5. CO-BRANDED T-SHIRTs (unisex style & women's style)

6. Co-branded unisex hoody


We are excited to announce that Young Living Essential Oils has partnered with Oola to combine, for the first time ever, the power of Young Living essential oils with the life-changing principles of Oola in a 2-day transformational event called OolaPalooza - Young Living Edition. For the first time ever, goal-setting has become a three dimensional, five sense experience. Learn how to grow your Young Living business with the new INFUSED 7 line specially formulated by Gary Young, and transform your life as you work alongside Dr. Troy Amdahl and Dr. Dave Braun - coauthors of the international best selling book, Oola.

These 2016 Dates and cities have been announced:

9/9 & 9/10: Arlington, TX, 

9/23 & 9/24: Bloomington, MN

10/7 & 10/8: Kansas City, MO

10/21 & 10/22: Syracuse, NY

11/4 & 11/5: Birmingham, AL

Want to teach Oola? 

We heard your requests! We have created tools for you to teach an Oola INFUSED Young Living Class. The program is broken out into a simple 4-step program. 

1. Learn – Learn how to teach an Oola Class. We will provide you with a sheet to download, it has a list of everything you'll need to run a class.

2. Promote – We have all the tools you need to promote your class ready for you to download and share. Social posts, promo ideas, and they're already created so you can just download and run with them.

3. Teach – We provide all the tools you need for the class itself. We include 3 presentation options for you to choose from and a worksheet for you to print for all your class attendees.

4. Grow – We've created a community and group just for those who have taught or attended a Live Oola Infused Class.