Join the OolaGuys on December 28th FOR THIS FREE WEBINAR 

You are designed by God for greatness and with a purpose. The problem is we become so distracted by the clutter of a life out of balance that we lose sight of the dreams and aspirations we have for our future. It's time to remove the clutter and reveal your purpose with help from the transformational principles of Oola and the power of Young Living essential oils. Work together with Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl (the OolaGuys) during this special, free webinar event to develop a simple, yet specific plan to make 2017 one for the books. Join us on December 28th at 7pm MST where the OolaGuys will be discussing:

  • The 7 key areas in life you need to balance and grow to live the life of your dreams.

  • How to properly set goals in a way you can reach them.

  • How to identify and overcome what is blocking you from achieving your OolaLife.

  • How to incorporate the Young Living Infused 7 blends as part of the goal setting process to help you win at business and in life.

Invite your family, friends, neighbors and team. Let's make it a mini OolaPalooza party! Because as we come together to work on becoming better as individuals, our families become better, our teams and communities become better, and the world becomes better. And THAT is how, together, we can change the world with a word. We hope to see you on December 28th!

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