Join the Dream tour

In honor of the launch of their new book, Oola for Women, the OolaGuys are hitting the road from April 27 - June 23 for the most epic leg of the #OolaDreamTour yet .... 17 major cities, and countless small towns and random donut shops in between, all for the sole purpose of getting to know you, hearing about your dreams, and collecting them on the side of our 1970 VW surf bus. By committing to making the dream you put on the OolaBus happen, you become better, you inspire those around you to become better, and that is how ... together, we can change the world with a word. #Oola



Follow the #OolaBus on social media, and when you see that the OolaGuys are coming near your community organize a STICKER STOP. What is a sticker stop? An informal gathering (usually 30 minutes or less and 30+ people) where the OolaGuys will bring the VW surf bus, the stickers, and the Sharpie ... all you need to bring is the dream! Sticker stops are most popular with schools, church groups, organizations, and businesses.


In the 17 primary stops, and many of the small communities in between, we are asking you to nominate an Oola Woman in your community. What is an Oola Woman? An ordinary woman doing extraordinary things! Maybe she overcame adversity? Maybe she's given selflessly to your community? Maybe she is mentor to many? Maybe she is simply awesome and needs to be recognized? Nominate her here, and who knows, the OolaGuys may swing by bearing gifts and letting her know how amazing she is!


Looking for something more formal than a "Sticker Stop." How about have the OolaGuys speak for FREE to your group. If you can arrange a venue and 100+ people, the OolaGuys may be able to make that happen. Get those 100+ people to bring their new book, Oola for Women, for a bonus book signing and the odds go up. Tap into the event planner within and let's make some magic happen!

What is the Oola Dream Tour?

Experience a life-changing, attitude-adjusting, confidence-building, soul-affirming tour from the authors of "Oola," the international best-selling self-help book series. This leg of the tour is celebrating their latest offering, Oola for Women, launching May 2nd.

The Oola Dream Tour—which could include anything from scheduled events featuring motivational speeches and inspirational stories to random "sticker stops" in random cities–is traveling across all 50 states in a 1970 VW surf bus.

Whether it’s a full-blown event or a random stop, that bus will also be carrying—and collecting—the dreams and aspirations of tens of thousands of Americans, in the form of stickers with hand written goals and dreams attached to the outside of the VW.

During the Oola Dream Tour, all who see the bus are encouraged to write down, on a sticker, a goal or dream they hope to accomplish in life. Not the one thing they want to do, or the one thing they know they will do, but the one thing they know they need to do. That thing that is holding them back.

"Everyone deserves a life that is balanced and growing," according to Oola authors Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl. "Our mission is to change the world with one word, 'Oola.'"

And now these two buddies have taken that mission on the road, in a VW bus, collecting the dreams of America, and they want your dream on the OolaBus. If they are going to follow through on their mission to “change the world with a word,” they know that a better world starts with a better you. As we become better as individuals, our families become better, our community becomes better, and the world becomes better.

The Oola Dream Tour is one of the most interactive and inspiring experiences you’ll ever be part of. You may not even know how powerful this will be until you track the OolaBus down and place your own dream on our bus. The Oola Dream Tour is not sermonizing or self-serving. It is simply a growing community of people who believe we are not designed for ordinary, but extraordinary. That we are not designed by accident, but for a specific purpose.