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 We are on this planet to help you FIND BALANCE and live a life of less stress and greater purpose - the OOLALIFE.

What is Oola?

Oo´• la \ n. adj. \ 1 a : a state of awesomeness b : a life that is balanced and growing in the key areas of health, finances, career, relationships, and well-being c : a destination (i.e., getting to Oola) 2 a : describing actions, insights and goals that lead to a balanced life (ex: That’s so Oola.) 3 a : the ultimate plan for achieving balance in an unbalanced world.


Since the first copy of the original book, Oola: Find balance in an Unbalanced World, rolled off the presses a few years ago, the Oola Lifestyle has become a literal phenomenon—a dynamic movement. OolaPalooza live events have been routinely sold out since the day they were started, and the Oola message has been taken to countless cities across America and to every major city in the world via our 1,000,000+ Oola fans on social media. In their 1970 VW Surf bus, authors Troy Amdahl and Dave Braun have taken their OolaDream tour on the road, from coast-to-coast, collecting dreams and goals for a balanced life from people who adorn their vehicle with colorful Oola stickers. Their surf bus is currently covered 24 layers in the hand-written dreams from people they have met along their amazing adventure.

The OolaGuys are committed to changing the world with a word by collecting 1,000,000 dreams and feeding 1,000,000 children. This starts with a better you. They travel the world collecting dreams and helping people find balance and growth in the 7 key areas of life (the 7 F’s of Oola) – Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (career), Faith, Friends, and Fun. By revealing how to remove the stress related to a life out-of-balance, they unlock the greatness that is inside all of us. A better “you”, makes a better family, a better community, and ultimately a better world. The OolaGuys are committed to changing the world with their simple, yet life-changing message.



The LiveOola Collection is a comfortable and affordable clothing line purposefully designed to help you pursue your OolaLife.


Everything you need to learn how to live a life of less stress, more balance, and greater purpose - your OolaLife.


A collection of premium loose-leaf organic teas specifically formulated to be infused with your favorite essential oils.



Life can be challenging and a serious struggle at times. No matter what you are going through, you will get through because God has your back. 



Pursue your OolaLife with purposeful style with the LiveOola script hats! Choose from 5 different colors and includes an adjustable strap in the back.



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This 21-day challenge is designed to spur positive action in your life and, as a result, get you closer to the life you dream of and deserve – your OolaLife.



Women are the ultimate multi-taskers. While a circus performer might spin seven plates in a single show, women spin seven plates—figuratively—every day. This 21-day challenge is designed specifically for women looking to transform the juggling act of everyday life into a dream lifestyle of simplicity, tranquility, abundance, and opportunity.



This 21-day challenge is designed to help strengthen your walk with Christ. Whether you’re a seasoned Christian or a new believer, this challenge meets you where you are in your faith journey and will help you grow closer to God.