1. How to set personal and professional goals you can keep.

  2. What is holding you back from a life that is balanced and growing - an OolaLife.

  3. How to grow your business and win at life.

  4. How to find balance in your life, decrease stress and reveal your purpose.

  5. How to tap into your passion, strengths and gifts to find success faster and fast track your journey to Oola.

  6. How to live passionately and reveal the greatness inside of you.

  7. Special breakout session with the OolaGuys talking about the 10 steps to improve corporate engagement.


What to expect:

Special breakout session that talks about the 10 steps to improve corporate engagement


Day 1 content:

  • An overview of the Oola lifestyle
  • Evaluation of the 7 F's of Oola
  • 7 principles to setting Oola goals
  • Completing your OolaWheel
  • Setting 3 goals in each of the 7 F's of Oola
  • Discovering your "WHAT" and "WHY"
  • Writing out your OolaPlan
  • Completing your OolaPath

Day 2 content:

  • Finding our Valve
  • Revealing our Hub
  • Overcoming the 7 OolaBlockers
  • Ready - Set - Go workshop
  • Embracing the 7 OolaAccelerators
  • Your Top 7 Goals
  • Making your Commitment workshop

OolaPalooza: The Corporate Experience

If you want to learn how to create a more engaged workforce, then you won’t want to miss OolaPalooza on December 1st & 2nd, 2017. Join us to learn how employee engagement is the key to your company’s success. See what happens when people are provided the tools to grow personally and professionally - the Oola way. Learn the 7 common blockers that can hinder your company’s success, while tapping into the 7 accelerators that can help your company soar. Don’t miss this opportunity to understand how a healthy work-life balance will improve your work environment which will enhance your company’s retention, engagement and production.

In this intimate sit-down venue setting at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, you will learn about these key tools directly with Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl - the OolaGuys.

OolaCorporate Exclusive discounts:

Only 30 spots available

  • 20% off General Admission tickets with code: corporate20 at checkout.
  • 35% off Table of 10 tickets with code: corporate35 at checkout.

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