What is OolaTea?

OolaTea is a collection of premium loose-leaf organic teas specifically formulated to be infused with your favorite essential oils. All of our teas meet the rigorous standards to be certified organic and are blended to promote a life of optimum balance and vitality.


Improved health

Certified organic to provide you with a healthy option for your daily routine.


The Essential difference

Specifically formulated to be infused with your favorite essential oils* to create a one-of-a-kind tea experience.

*Essential oils not included


Giving Back

Every individual bag that you purchase provides one meal to a child in need.



When you sign up for the OolaTea monthly subscription box, you'll be the first to receive 2 new organic teas each month (14 individual sachets per flavor). These teas are created specifically for essential oil infusion. You'll also receive 20% off all individual reorders of your favorite OolaTeas and have the option to unsubscribe at anytime.


What to expect:

Each OolaTea subscription box will be shipped out on the 7th of each month (beginning December 7th), and each payment will be processed on the 17th for the following month's order. Each OolaTea box will include one dream sticker to help encourage you to commit to one thing you want to change in your life before your next box arrives. The benefits of being a monthly subscriber include:

  • 2 new OolaTea blends each month

  • 20% off retail pricing

  • 2 DIY recipes each month

  • Unsubscribe at anytime