We go to great lengths to honor our commitment to "change the world with a word". Sometimes we'll circle the TODAY SHOW for hours to get the OolaBus on the TODAY SHOW (technically). Other times, we'll change the crafting letters around at Target or Michael's to say "OOLA." But always, if we don't see our book where other books are displayed (bookstores, airports, target, etc.), we sneak one in. We call this "shop-dropping". It's the opposite of shoplifting, but equally as rebellious (without the legal consequences ). Do you think you have what it takes to help us shop drop? Do you want to help us "change the world with a word" one book display at a time? Now's your chance.

We are giving away 77 Oola books (free shipping included) to 77 random individuals who are brave enough to help us shop-drop an Oola book into your local bookstore, shopping center, library, or anywhere else you see books. No, this isn't your chance to receive a free Oola book; it's your chance to bring out that #OolaRebel we know is inside of you and help us "change the world with a word".

The catch? You're only responsibility is to take a picture of your rebellious moment and use the hashtag #OolaRebel so we can see it. Together, we can change the world with a word.

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