Affirmation Bands

Affirmation Bands


This set of Oola Affirmation Bands includes 1 for each of the 7 F's of Oola. On each band is a 7 word affirmation to empower you to GROW in whatever area of life you are focused on.  Wear these bands to be constantly reminded to take serious and deliberate action toward your OolaLife.

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For our essential oil fans, they are color coordinated to match the Oola Seven essential oils Young Living Essential Oils. Personal change has its' challenges. This is just one more cool tool to help you pursue your OolaLife.

The bands say:

Fitness:  I AM fit, healthy, disciplined, and strong.

Finance:  I AM financially free and living abundantly.

Family:  I AM unconditionally loving, patient, and respectful.

Field:  I AM pursuing my purpose in life.

Faith:  I AM grateful, humble, and fully connected.

Friends:  I AM blessed with empowering, healthy relationships.

Fun:  I AM pursuing all the joys of life.