Cleanse P.M: Lemon Hibiscus Reboot (14 count)

Cleanse P.M: Lemon Hibiscus Reboot (14 count)


Includes: 14 individual loose leaf pyramid sachets.

Healthy cells in your body are like Type-A personalities: they’re OCD clean freaks. They are tirelessly clearing out the build-up of chemicals and toxins, then repairing the damage from free radicals. These hardworking cells can get sluggish if they aren’t properly supported. CLEANSE P.M. is designed to give your cells what they need to clean house, even while you sleep. Now, by adding carrot, lemongrass, hibiscus and lemon peel, this craft blend will not only blow away your taste buds, but it will support you as you cleanse and reboot your body from the inside out. Infuse with lemon essential oil to take this tea-drinking experience to the next level.

Ingredients: Organic carrot, organic green tea, organic senna leaf, organic lemon grass, organic hibiscus, organic lemon peel, natural oc flavoring, organic flavoring

Benefits: Supports Cellular Health | Speeds Up Metabolism | Rich in Antioxidants

Caffeine level: 1/5

Recommended Essential Oil: lemon essential oil*

* Essential oils not included. Use only verified consumable essential oils.

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