Oola University 7 Week Curriculum - Young Living Edition

Oola University 7 Week Curriculum - Young Living Edition

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Whether used as a home study, formal curriculum, or part of an informal group study, this 7-lesson course will walk you through everything you need to find balance in the 7 key areas of your life so you can enjoy a life of less stress, more balance and greater purpose, overcome the 7 common characteristics that hold you back from reaching your goals, embrace the 7 traits needed to propel you toward your OolaLife, and much more! All 7 lessons are on DVD, allowing you to experience this transformational material in the comfort of your home and on your schedule.

Young Living members, we created a special Oola University - Young Living Edition just for you. This curriculum includes all of the content of the original Oola University, plus opportunities to discuss where to incorporate Young Living essential oils and the olfactory system into a 5-sense, life transformational, goal-setting process. 


Oola Book

Oola eBook

Oola Workbook - Young Living Edition

7 DVD Set

   - DVD 1: Intro to Oola

   - DVD 2: OolaWheel

   - DVD 3: OolaPlan

   - DVD 4: The Valve and Hub

   - DVD 5: Oolablockers

   - DVD 6: OolaAccelerators

    - DVD 7: OolaPath and your OolaOne

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