OolaPlanner PDF

OolaPlanner PDF


The OolaPlanner’s unique design allows you to keep everything in front you. In one glance, you can see your goals, your appointments, and action steps as well as your blockers and accelerators.


  1. 3 Simple Steps to Your OolaLife workbook:

    • STEP 1: OolaWheel: Where are you today? 

    • STEP 2: OolaPlan: Where do you want to go? 

    • STEP 3: OolaPath: How are you going to get there?

  2. Each monthly section provides:

    • Month At-A-Glance 

    • Monthly Roadmaps/Gratitude Journal 

    • Weekly Schedule Monthly 

    • F-aligned Notes 

  3. The planner also includes:

    • Simple yet detailed instructions 

    • 2020 Future Planning Calendar 

    • Lined Notes Pages

This robust planner consolidates and funnels Oola’s simple principles and practices into straightforward goal-setting, doable daily action steps and habits; coupled with built-in accountability, progress tracking and daily gratitude prompts.

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