Sunrise: Ginger Peach Daybreak (14 count)

Sunrise: Ginger Peach Daybreak (14 count)


Includes: 14 individual loose leaf pyramid sachets.

Your eyes behold the magnificent colors of the sky that the sunrise has painted across the horizon. You feel the coolness from the grass under your feet which is balanced by the warmth of the sun kissing your face. The smell of summer fills the air. Although this is how we would like to start every day, life often has other plans. When your day starts with snooze alarms, carpool and business meetings, let the sweet taste of summer peach and the tingling spice of ginger become your sip of sunrise to start your day.

Ingredients: Organic black tea, organic ginger, organic marigold, organic safflower, natural flavoring

Benefits: Increases Alertness | Improves Attention | Balanced Caffeine Source

Caffeine level: 5/5

Recommended Essential Oil: lemon essential oil*

* Essential oils not included. Use only verified consumable essential oils.

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