Vitality: Cinnamon Vanilla Fusion (14 count)

Vitality: Cinnamon Vanilla Fusion (14 count)


Includes: 14 individual loose leaf pyramid sachets.

Long known as an effective antioxidant, South African rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss) is now getting attention for its anti-aging properties. With its signature red hue and irresistible vanilla aroma, this clean and robust blend is made complete with your favorite cinnamon essential oil. Take a sip of this herbal treat, embrace your inner youth, and go get your OolaLife.

Ingredients: Organic rooibos, natural flavoring (vanilla), organic safflowers

Benefits: Natural Anti-Inflammatory | Promotes Anti-Aging | Supports Heart Health

Caffeine level: Caffeine Free

Recommended Essential Oil: Cinnamon essential oil*

* Essential oils not included. Use only verified consumable essential oils.

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