We’re working on our next book, Oola for Christians, and we’re actively seeking true stories that are funny, poignant, heartwarming or dramatic. You can submit your story in the submission box below. But first, take a look at the guidelines of what makes an Oola story awesome. If you’re ready to submit a story now, choose from the extensive list of topics we’re looking for (we guarantee yours will fit into one of these). We’ll ask you to list this topic in the submission form.



The story must be true. In order for others to believe that they, too, can achieve the goal or lesson represented in the story, it must be true. (It’s OK to change names of people who might be harmed by having their real name in print, as long as you note this in the story.)

The story must teach a lesson – without overtly saying, “Hey, here’s the lesson you need to take away from this story.” How did you and the people involved take actions that were different, better, kinder, or more loving than the typical person would have done?

The story must awaken our hearts, make us cry, makes us laugh, inspire us to do more with our lives – or just make us feel better that we read it.

You must legally own the story or know who can give us permission to reprint it. The story must be written by you, about you – or you must have permission to reprint the story (edited by us) if it includes details about other people. All parties named in the story (or easily identifiable in the story) must sign a permission form that we will provide. Unfortunately, we must decline any story where there remains a question of permission.


Ready to choose the topic that best represents your story? Read the list of topics below the submission form.




Story longer than 1,500 words? Please email directly to mystory@oolalife.com and include the information in the submission form above (name, phone, ownership, etc.). Include the appropriate Oola book in the subject line.

STORY TOPICS: Where will your story best fit?


YOUR JOURNEY TO THE OOLA LIFE: What happened when you…

01    Went from frazzled to fabulous and succeeded in your journey to Oola

02    Compared your life to someone else’s and felt down, until you discovered your own path

03    Got not-so-nice feedback from friends and others when you pursued your dream

04    Had to rediscover your true purpose on this Earth because your hectic life had masked it

05    Really thought about what YOU wanted in the 7 areas of Oola…and were surprised by your list


FITNESS: What happened when you…

06    Hit “rock bottom” and vowed you'd never be unhealthy, overweight or out-of-shape again

07    Overcame inertia and achieved a major fitness goal such as winning a 5K or other competition

08    Tried every “scientific advancement” for good health and finally got healthy by eating simply

09    Changed your outlook, language, visual stimuli or other motivation and lost weight or overcame illness

10    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to your health and wellness


FINANCES: What happened when you…

11    Got out of debt, bought a home for cash, reached an investment goal or became financially independent

12    Were inspired by someone you know who’s financially free or who lives simply on a fixed budget

13    Created surplus money for emergencies – then needed it

14    Gave your time, talents or money to a cause that inspired you – but didn't have the means to do so at first

15    Had to transform your finances from crazy and disorganized to sane, solid and reliable – for a good reason

16    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to your finances


FAMILY: What happened when you…

17    Got clear about your family relationships and decided who to rely on – or not

18    Overcame a toxic relationship – either family, friend, love interest, or co-worker

19    Let someone close to you fail, fall apart, or otherwise take responsibility for their own life and outcomes

20    Learned the lesson: “If you’re not working on your marriage, you’re working on your divorce”

21    Experienced a humorous event or poignant moment in your journey with family


CAREER, BUSINESS OR FIELD: What happened when you…

22    Discovered in an unusual way your unique “life assignment” and the true calling on your life

23    Fired your boss and started your own business – going through trials and laughs in the process

24    Accomplished your dream – then were presented with an even bigger opportunity that astounded you

25    Realized your skills were falling behind – then improved and saw the world open up

26    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to your career, business or chosen field


FAITH: What happened when you…

27    Experienced a life-changing incident that made you question your faith in God

28    Created a goal – then watched as God made all the necessary elements show up to achieve it

29    Rededicated yourself to a spiritual life and experienced incredible new opportunities, joy, calm – or Oola!

30    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to your faith in a higher power


FRIENDSHIPS: What happened when you…

31    Suffered in a friendship, then changed your life by distancing yourself

32    Went on a “girls’ road trip,” retreat or other fun adventure with other women

33    Pro-actively sought a mentor who ultimately changed your life

34    Discovered a true friend in an unexpected place

35    Discovered that someone you thought was a “rich bitch” was terrific fun and inspiring to be around

36    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to friends, mentors or role models


YOUR WAY OF INCORPORATING FUN: What happened when you…

37    Discovered fun in your own backyard or around the world – and not just on vacation

38    Healed an illness or overcame a difficult situation by introducing humor, fun and playtime

39    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to fun in your life



FACING FEAR: What happened when you…

40    Learned to overcome fear and accomplished something you wouldn’t have been able to before

42    Sought support in the face of fear or chunked down a big goal into non-scary tasks

43    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to fearfulness


OVERCOMING GUILT: What happened when you…

44    Felt guilty about something in the past and realized it held you back from something you wanted to do, be or have

45    Let go of your guilt and finally accomplished a big life goal

     46    Forgave yourself for something you did or forgave someone else – then saw your life change

47    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to guilt and its impact on you


DEALING WITH ANGER: What happened when you…

48    Recognized you were angry a lot – then realized that focusing on anger kept you from focusing on the future

49    Identified something unique that triggered your anger

50    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to anger and its place in your life


MANAGING SELF-SABOTAGE: What happened when you…

51    Lost out on an opportunity because you sabotaged yourself from pursuing it or preparing for it

52    Said, “Hey, I deserve this!” and created a big goal to achieve what you wanted – even if you’d failed in the past

53    Created habits to stop yourself from self-sabotage and keep you on track with achieving a goal

54    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to self-sabotage and its effects on you


OVERCOMING LAZINESS: What happened when you…

55    Didn’t take action when you should have, and paid the price for inaction

56    Got lazy because the end goal seemed so huge – then broke down the goal into manageable tasks

57    Created habits to stop yourself from being lazy

58    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to laziness and its impact on you


DEALING WITH ENVY: What happened when you…

59    Identified what you truly wanted and stopped craving what the world says is the perfect life

60    Got inspired by someone else’s accomplishment instead of becoming jealous

61    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to envy or jealousy and its effect on you


OVERCOMING LACK OF FOCUS: What happened when you…

      62    Were scattered, overwhelmed and unfocused – until something made you focus on one activity or goal

      63    Delayed gratification so you could achieve a larger life goal

64    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to a lack of focus



LOVE: What happened when you…

65    Began to love yourself with the same compassion which you love cherished family and friends

66    Practiced unconditional love for others – whether you knew them or not

67    Discovered that sometimes a person (or thing) has to be loved before they become lovable

68    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to loving yourself or others


DISCIPLINE: What happened when you…

69    Did something for 21 days or more that led to a major breakthrough or achievement

70    Found the discipline inside yourself that you never thought was possible

71    Created a unique habit or “weird” discipline to help you achieve what you wanted

72    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to discipline – with yourself or someone you admire


INTEGRITY: What happened when you…

73    Moved from not really caring if you kept your promises to becoming a reliable person – for something big at stake

74    Learned a lesson about integrity from an unusual situation

75    Stayed resolute – then saw your biggest vision or goal come to fruition

76    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to integrity


PASSION: What happened when you…

77    Tapped into what you naturally love to do – did you change careers, start a business, become happier or…?

78    Ignored what everyone else told you was the best path for your life – and blossomed as a result

79    Overcame a major roadblock through sheer force of will and your abiding passion for the result

80    Experienced something unusual because you rediscovered your passion for a goal or for life


HUMILITY: What happened when you…

81    Were egotistical about something, but learn that humility was a more effective approach

82    Listened humbly to constructive criticism, made a change – then soared

83    Practiced selflessness for a cause

84    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery related to humility


WISDOM: What happened when you…

85    Remembered your common sense in a situation where others “knew better”

86    Benefitted from your mistakes or the mistakes of others

87    Made an important decision too quickly and got a bad outcome

     88    Experienced something unusual or made a discovery once you used good sense and wisdom – your own or someone else’s.


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