What to expect:

Do you own a boutique or have a friend who does? How about an apparel store, clinic, coffee shop, or spa? Do you have a booth at a health expo, flea market, or community event? If so, we now have an opportunity to share Oola and make a little Moola! It is called THE BOX. By purchasing THE BOX you will enjoy wholesale pricing on the best-selling Oola products. These products were not selected at random. The items (and specific number of items) were selected based upon years of sales data from countless events around the world. If you sell everything in the THE BOX, you collect $1159. As a wholesaler, you can purchase the box for just $599 (plus $40 flat-rate shipping in the US). That is a profit to you of $520!

The box includes:

  • 13 Oola for Women books
  • 7 Oola books (revised edition)
  • 8 Oola hats (2 Green, 2 Purple, 2 Black, 2 Pink)
  • 10 sets of Affirmation Bands
  • 2 "Be Grateful and Have Faith" Journals
  • 7 bags of 14-count DETOX (Dragon Clove) OolaTea
  • 7 bags of 14-count PEACE (Cinnamon Chai) OolaTea
  • 6 bags of 14-count ENERGY (Peppermint Rush) OolaTea
  • 4 bags of 14-count SLEEP (Citrus Chamomile) OolaTea
  • 2 bags of 14-count EARL GREY (Bergamot Black) OolaTea
  • 2 bags of 14-count GLOW (Oola Oolong) OolaTea


  • The items must be sold at retail pricing (you will receive a price list in your BOX)
  • No returns
  • No custom orders
  • Ships from Florida 5-7 days after we receive your order


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